problem with compiling afterstep on SUNOS 5.5.1 : please help

Fabrice Kurz (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 11:58:29 +0000

I tryed to run the binary version for solaris but that failed as I don't have (I have libpng.a, but impossible to make it understand), so I tryed to
compile it myself, without png.
configure spent its time  crashing while looking for the Xpm Libraries, which is
located in /usr/openwin/lib, as specified to configure.
it says : configure :test :argument expected
but I didn't manage to know where, the config.log file seems to be all right,
the last line is : configure : 2868: gcc ...

can you help me?
thanks in advance?

BTW, i'm not root...

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