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Nathan Widmyer (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 16:22:55 -0500

Thomas, what you told him command-line wise was incorrect.  It won't return
anything anyway because package names include version numbers, not just
XFree86-devel.  Instead what you want to do is type 'rpm -qa | grep devel' and
that will take all the package names and list only the ones on the screen that
have 'devel' in it.  schaible, look for the line that has XFree 86 and devel in
it, if there is one, then configure script is not picking up the X11 includes,
if there isn't one, install the rpm.  I'm running Red Hat 5.2.  Remember, grep
is your friend.

Tomas Duewiger wrote:

> writes:
> > [1 <text/plain; US-ASCII (7bit)>] I was so happy to see this thread.  I
> > just downloaded the new AS, followed the directions, I RTFM'd all I could
> > and have the exact same problem.  I do have more info to provide:
> >
> > 1. I run redhat 5.1 (yes, I read the README.RedHat) 2. When I run
> > ./configure everything looks good. no errors.  3. make cant find X11.
> > None of the x modules (???  Im not a programmer) are found.  Therefore, no
> > compile.
> >
> > I am thinking its RedHat directory structure problem.  Any thoughts?  Is
> > the other guy running RH?
> You maybe need to install the XFree86-devel rpm. Try a
> 'rpm -q XFree86-devel' if it returns a 'package XFree-devel is not
> installed' the header files for compiling any XFree app are missing. If it
> returns the package name something else is wrong and you should give the
> guys on the list some errors to read.
> Tomas
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