Re: The AfterStep Resource Page

Doommaker (
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 18:10:25 -0500 (EST)

On 31 Dec 1998, Doug Alcorn wrote:

> Doommaker <> writes:
> > The AfterStep Links Page has become The AfterStep Resource Page.
> > 
> > The AfterStep Resource Page is a page designed to give the AfterStep
> > community a place to find all the latest information on AfterStep and AfterStep 
> > related material. We hope that members of the community will submit 
> > information to us much in the way that sites like Freshmeat and Slashdot
> > operate. If you would like to submit any AfterStep related news, such as a
> > new application, a new website, a major update of a currently existing
> > website, a new release of AfterStep or anything else relevant to the 
> > AfterStep community, feel free to submit it by e-mailing 
> >  Hopefully a form will be available soon for 
> > submitting news to make the process easier.
> > 
> > The links still remain and will continue to be updated whenever new ones
> > are given to me.  Load up your favorite browser (even Lynx) and check it
> > out at the same location:
> > 
> Can someone (doommaker, Ethan, or Dave) shed some light on the
> difference between this and

Watch the skies, the difference will become apparent.  wao focuses more on
the releases and stuff, tarp focuses of everything afterstep. (besides,
it's something to keep me busy so i don't go insane and kill everyone
around me, hehehe)

"It is 5am, and the sun has charred the other side of the world and come
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