Re: ascp back in active devel

Nwanua Elumeze (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 19:06:07 -0700 (MST)

> Awesome, great to hear!  Hope your holidays were enjoyable.

Why thanks.  :-)

> *sob* the "gtkstep" STeP theme sucks and is far from actually
> looking STep-ish at all. :(

You know, I just took a look, and you're right. I wonder if we can get Ulrich 
to make it more sTep-ish. I guess, I'll just keep on with the usual gtk+step

The reason I'm using the devel libs is because of the GtkCtree widget (for the 
most part). It makes for a much leaner and less buggy ascp (as conpared to the 
horrors of the GtkTree widget). If you (or anyone you know) feel like coding 
the WharfTree using the stable libs, please do; otherwise, I'll just add a 
static binary. 

Actually, there was some work done to have ascp use either series:
unfortunately, the solution involving the stable libs was cumbersome and not at 
all  aethsthetically pleasing.