New FAQ is out

Andrew Sullivan (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 22:32:06 -0500 (EST)

Hi all,

As we speak, David Mihm is doing his usual diligent job updating the web
and FTP sites with the new FAQ.

I uploaded the newest version to

a little while ago.

Here's the changes.txt file:

Changes to the AfterStep FAQ since version 1998-11-23:

All sections: 
-as usual, checked references, updated version numbers where appropriate and
the like
-noted some future changes

Section 1:
-moved "how to find FAQ" section to make it the first question
-added GNOME-compliance question
-added remarks about Sasha Vasko's Pager FAQ contributions
-added reference to the new, experimental searchable archive.

Section 2:
-redirected developers to the FTP /devel directory
-added reference to as-apps pages
-added reference to AS resources page
-explained new numbering convention
-added very brief discussion of upgrade problems
-noted problem with "make install" (and that it's fixed)
-added reference to future change to DocBook DTD (upgrade your SGMLtools!)

Section 3:
-noted problem of "lost" AfterStep after upgrade (no /usr/local/bin in PATH)

Section 4:
-added yet another pointer to the standard config files
-split "startmenu config" and "Red Hat startmenu config" questions
-added a generic, "how to config looks and feels" question
-added one more "how do I change a button or key?" answer

Section 5:
-noted future disappearance of some questions

Section 6:
-attempted improvement of multiple-Wharf/Pager description
-noted some changes to Wharf capabilities
-added remark about Swallow functions
-included all content from the Pager mini-FAQ

Section 8:
-added remark about look&feel update crashes in previous versions.
-noted some questions which are soon to disappear

Thanks to all those who host a mirror.  As always, errors and omissions
are entirely my fault.  Please contact me to complain.  If you have any
suggestions, I'm also happy to hear them.


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