Re: [Repost] AfterStep Pager feature request

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 22:22:27 -0600

Geoff Wing wrote:
> This is a repost since it hasn't come back to me, in any form,
> in the last 24+ hours:

Been lazy lately ;)

> Heyla,
> what would be a good enhancement to Pager would be if it made a table
> of background IDs to background image checksums (CRCs/MD5 sums/whatever).
> Then when sending Esetroot type commands - i.e. changing the _XROOTPMAP_ID
> atom - change the ID to correspond to the image checksum.  This would be

right now _XROOTPMAP_ID has Pixmap of the root background in it.

May be not the way you proposed, but this is a good Idea, and I
have to admit,
I was too lazy to implement that check for duplicate background
change for the
same image. Will fix it right away.

> really nice for programs which do transparency, allowing them to avoid
> unnecessary screen refreshes on desktop changes which have the same
> background.  Also, it would allow free()ing any duplicate pixmaps.  The

Pager does not keep duplicate pixmaps right now. Duplicate are
with the same file name ( not the check sum, which can be the
same for 
different images (hypoteticaly)).

> only backgrounds which wouldn't benefit from this are those loaded
> by external apps.
> Anyone willing to do this?  Yes?  Anyone?  Please.

It sems to be an easy change - expect patch soon.

> (Or I am left with this being the person who mentioned it?  Maybe I
> shouldn't have mentioned that?  Someone with a better idea of Pager
> internals would be much more appropriate.)
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