Re: [Repost] AfterStep Pager feature request

Geoff Wing (
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 15:52:13 +1100

Sasha Vasko wrote about Re: [Repost] AfterStep Pager feature request:
:Geoff Wing wrote:
:> This is a repost since it hasn't come back to me, in any form,
:> in the last 24+ hours:

It's really annoying me at the moment.  I've got three addresses signed
up - one on the list and two on post-only, and it's still not accepting
my mail easily - but what's really giving me the irrits about it,
AFAICT the failed posts go to /dev/null - they don't come back to me.

:Pager does not keep duplicate pixmaps right now. Duplicate are pixmaps 
:with the same file name ( not the check sum, which can be the same for 
:different images (hypoteticaly)).

Ah, the same name in the config file for pager?  What about when people
do a background change dynamically on the desktop?
At the moment, I've got hard links in non-configurable, rather than use
the same name in file ``pager'', which maybe I shouldn't do, but it
makes it nicer for me to change backgrounds than change the pager file
where I just have the default suggested format
(G/L/A = GNUstep/Library/AfterStep):
*PagerDesktopImage 0 ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/0_background
*PagerDesktopImage 1 ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/1_background
*PagerDesktopImage 2 ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/2_background
*PagerDesktopImage 3 ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/3_background
*PagerDesktopImage 4 ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/4_background
*PagerDesktopImage 5 ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/5_background

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