Feature Idea - Clean Module

Henning Percy (percy@ferndown.tt.slb.com)
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 10:09:34 +0000 (GMT)

	I use the Clean module quite a bit and I have come up with a couple of
enhancements that would make it even better (if it's still in devel that is).

	- An option that allows the user to tell Clean to ignore certain
	windows. Clean always minimises my pager, which can get annoying at
	E.g. *CleanIgnore: "Pager", "Console", "clock"

	-An option that allows the user to specify a list of the only windows
	that Clean may act upon. Almost the reverse of the option above
	E.g. *CleanOnly: "Xterm", "Netscape", "xv"

	What do you all think.


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