Anybody else working with MkLinux or LinuxPPC? (mouse probs)

Jonathan D. Nolen (
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 00:45:34 -0600 (EST)

I've spent all day playing with AfterStep 1.6 on my 7200/90 running 
MkLinux DR3. I've gotten most everything working expect for one
fairly critical bug.

I'm using an Apple standard mouse, which, of course, has only one button.
Now, according to the MkLinux docs, you're suppose to emulate the missing
mouse buttons with the option key. 

However, anytime you press the option key, it results in an immediate
fatal crash -- completely dumps you out of X.

Has anybody else gotten this working?

Jonathan Nolen

p.s. please cc: to email. I'm on the digest.