Re: ascp back in active devel

Randall Hopper (
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 09:15:40 -0500

Andrew Sullivan:
 |On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Nwanua Elumeze wrote:
 |> The reason I'm using the devel libs is because of the GtkCtree widget
 |> (for the most part). It makes for a much leaner and less buggy ascp
 |> (as conpared to the horrors of the GtkTree widget). If you (or anyone
 |> you know) feel like coding the WharfTree using the stable libs, please
 |> do; otherwise, I'll just add a static binary.
 |In spite of my usual conservatism about these sorts of things (look, how
 |many of you still actually have a regularly-used 386?), I have to agree
 |with this argument, _so long as_ the statically-linked version is always

I would advocate extending this to "statically-linked version is always
available for all AfterStep user platforms (FreeBSD, SGI, Linux, Sun, etc.)"

 |            Otherwise, we (e.g I) get bombarded with questions about why
 |ascp doesn't work.

Randall Hopper