Re: New user, some help please

Gordon Messmer (
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 09:01:27 -0800

Chris Green wrote:
> 2 - I know there are some references to this in the FAQ but they are a
> bit obtuse.  How can I simplify the pigs ear that RedHat makes of
> starting up X?  It's a horrible mish-mash of different approaches as
> supplied.  Can I just clean up the startx file, build my own .xinitrc
> and ignore the rest?

You certainly could, but startx is as supplied by XFree, AFAIK.  I've
never really had a problem with it.  Just :
echo "afterstep" > .xinitrc
chmod a+x .xinitrc
And if you start using runlevel 5 (xdm).
ln -s .xinitrc .xsession

> 3 - One note in the FAQ suggests that RedHat uses M4 configuration
> files for AfterStep but this doesn't seem to be so to me (not in 5.2
> anyway), am I right?  The directories below $HOME/GNUstep/... seem to
> be as described in the documentation and seem to work OK.

Did you install AfterStep from your RedHat CD?  Or did you download
the sources from the afterstep web site?  RedHat distributes a patched
version to play nicer with their scheme of adding apps to wm's menus.

> 4 - Are Wharf and Zharf fundamentally different?  I can't quite see
> any significant difference at the moment.

Haven't used Zharf much..