Re[2]: Afterstep under win32
Wed, 06 Jan 99 12:40:35 -0500

Just out of curiosity, have you tried running the 16 bit Lotus Notes client
under wine?  I have run the 16 bit cc:Mail client with wine and had much
success.  A great alternative to WinBlows!!

- Derek

David spake unto us:

>Thanks for the quick reply.

>I didn't want to be too verbose on my first post to the list, but I have
>to tell you that I only use NT because I'm required to run the worst
>application ever developed - Lotus Notes!!!  :( Aside from that I'm free
>to do what ever I like with my workstation, so I installed Solaris 7 and I
>dual boot between Solaris and NT, but that gets old.  So I thought I'd
>make the best of a bad situation and try Afterstep on the NT side so I
>could keep from having to reboot just to run Notes.  Not to mention that
>Afterstep looks so cool compared to the Windows desktop.