Re: New user, some help please

Tomas Duewiger (
06 Jan 1999 18:57:46 +0100

Chris Green <> writes:

> 1 - What's the non-configurable directory for?  I have seen a couple of
> references to it but no actual explanation.

There all config files will be stored that are used by AfterStep. They are 
loaded on next start. E.g. is you copy a new look file directly into this
directory, name it 0_look.yourcolordepth AS will come up with that look 
next time you start it. 

It's not in the FAQ because you won't need it if everything works correct.

> 2 - I know there are some references to this in the FAQ but they are a bit
> obtuse.  How can I simplify the pigs ear that RedHat makes of starting up
> X?  It's a horrible mish-mash of different approaches as supplied.  Can I
> just clean up the startx file, build my own .xinitrc and ignore the rest?

In 5.1 it was called ~/.Xclients if you mean that you just can build your
own. This file is doing the same as .xinitrc. I deleted it and use a
simplified one.

> 4 - Are Wharf and Zharf fundamentally different?  I can't quite see any
> significant difference at the moment.

Wharf looks better ;-) and got folders.


Tomas Duewiger