Re: New user, some help please

Andrew Sullivan (
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 12:59:45 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Chris Green wrote:

> 1 - What's the non-configurable directory for?  I have seen a couple of
> references to it but no actual explanation.

It's where currently-used and necessary stuff goes during runtime.

> 2 - I know there are some references to this in the FAQ but they are a
> bit obtuse.  How can I simplify the pigs ear that RedHat makes of
> starting up X?  It's a horrible mish-mash of different approaches as
> supplied.  Can I just clean up the startx file, build my own .xinitrc
> and ignore the rest?

The short answer is yes.

> 3 - One note in the FAQ suggests that RedHat uses M4 configuration
> files for AfterStep but this doesn't seem to be so to me (not in 5.2
> anyway), am I right?  The directories below $HOME/GNUstep/... seem to
> be as described in the documentation and seem to work OK.

It _also_ uses an m4 preprocessing routine.  It's called wmconfig.  That's
why the startmenu gets re-written every time.  

> 4 - Are Wharf and Zharf fundamentally different?  I can't quite see
> any significant difference at the moment.

Not fundamanetally, in that they implement the same sort of thing.  But
Zharf allows text captions for each item, and also allows each button to
be a different size (AFAIR).

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