re: ATerm backspace/delete quesion

Geoff Wing (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 17:34:54 +1100

Andy Harrison <> typed:
:I can't get the backspace/delete keys working properly.  Under normal
:circumstances, it works fine.  However, I run a few quake servers and when I
:bring the quake server console back up (under screen), neither backspace nor
:delete works properly, also attempted with shift, alt, and control keys.  It
:doesn't matter whether I'm using screen or not.  The exact same symptoms occur
:at the nslookup prompt. 
:I tried compiling with and without the --disable-backspace-key
:--disable-delete-key options and it made little difference.  When it's disable,
:it simply presents me with a ^H instead of a different garbage character

Ah, _do not_ include --disable-backspace-key and --disable-delete-key in the
configure.  To get all you rxvt/aterm terms to do the same thing, put:
    XTerm*backspacekey:  "\177"
    XTerm*deletekey:     "\033[3~"
in your ~/.Xdefaults (or ~/.Xresources if you don't have ~/.Xdefaults)
Change to suit your tastes, eg. from memory, Linux users might like:
    XTerm*backspacekey:  "\008"
    XTerm*deletekey:     "\177"

If you do it this way, don't forget that you may need change your
``stty erase'' setting via your shells' startup files:
eg. ``stty erase "^H"''  or ``stty erase "^?"''

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