Re: ATerm backspace/delete quesion

Randall Hopper (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 07:07:19 -0500

Geoff Wing:
 |Ah, _do not_ include --disable-backspace-key and --disable-delete-key in the
 |configure.  To get all you rxvt/aterm terms to do the same thing, put:
 |    XTerm*backspacekey:  "\177"
 |    XTerm*deletekey:     "\033[3~"
 |in your ~/.Xdefaults (or ~/.Xresources if you don't have ~/.Xdefaults)
 |Change to suit your tastes, eg. from memory, Linux users might like:
 |    XTerm*backspacekey:  "\008"

You sure this isn't "\011" (octal)?

 |    XTerm*deletekey:     "\177"

This seems backwards.  BS=0x08, DEL=0x7F.

Randall Hopper