Re: stability of 1.6

Albert Dorofeev
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 14:42:34 +0100 (CET)


I cannot really vote for 1.6.0 since I ran it for a couple
of days only. I always run the latest development version.
However, since somewhere 1.5beta4 or so AfterStep did not
crash at all for me. That would make a few month by now.
I think you are much better off downloading 1.6.6 and using
it instead of 1.4.


Wandered Inn writes:
> I've been running 1.4.0 for a while, and was considering upgrading to
> the latest 1.6 stuff.  I'm a bit concerned based on the number of
> problems I've seen pass this list.  How would people compare the
> stability of 1.4 verses 1.6?  1.4 works fine, although there are some
> small problems that kind of bug me.  I use this box for work, so I
> really can't afford less stability.  Thanks for any feedback.

Albert Dorofeev
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