Re[2]: stability of 1.6
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 07:43:29 -0600

The only stability issue that I've come across; after one day of use, is if 
you minimize a window while it is getting ready to close -- you will get 
kicked out back to the login in.

I've experenced this only in Applix.

I wouldn't think that this is a mis configuration issue -- but I'm sure that 
others would know much more about this than I would.
> In my experience, 1.6.0 (haven't installed 1.6.6 yet) is quite stable once
> you get it configured.  I've had it crash maybe twice in the almost a
> month that I've used it heavily at work.  Much better than 1.4.x if I
> remember correctly...
> Ben


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