Re: 1.6.6: Pager dogs window mgr down badly

Andre Oliveira da Costa (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 12:24:14 -0200

Randall Hopper wrote:

> After tiped me off about AfterStep using syslog, I
> consulted one of the syslog log files and found that Pager was very unhappy
> about my cleaning out ~/.GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/non-configurable/*.
> My problem stems from my misunderstanding of non-configurable.  I was under
> the impression that afterstep regenerated anything missing in this
> directory on startup/restart, so I was nuking non-configurable/* to "start
> fresh" so-to-speak with my menu rebuilds, restarts, etc.  Pager was very
> unhappy with this, complaining about lots of files not existing.
> Now it works better with the entries in the Default "Pictures" menu.

I think you can live well without the non-configurable directory, if the
system-wide defaults are ok for you (I'm not sure, but I guess the
default installation doesn't copy this dir to ~/G/L/A); the problem is
that the config file ~/G/L/A/pager has these hardcoded references:

*PagerXPM            0
*PagerXPM            1
*PagerXPM            2
*PagerXPM            3

Thus, maybe you can remove the non-configurable dir, provided you change
the pager config file accordingly. (haven't tried this, just guessing)

Andre Oliveira da Costa