RE: stability of 1.6

Andy Harrison (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 11:03:48 -0500 (EST)

On 07-Jan-99 Wandered Inn wrote:
> I've been running 1.4.0 for a while, and was considering upgrading to
> the latest 1.6 stuff.  I'm a bit concerned based on the number of
> problems I've seen pass this list.  How would people compare the
> stability of 1.4 verses 1.6?  1.4 works fine, although there are some
> small problems that kind of bug me.  I use this box for work, so I
> really can't afford less stability.  Thanks for any feedback.

I basically upgraded from the previous stable version to the new stable
version 1.6.6.  I haven't had any difficulty with AfterStep itself.  I use it
as my workstation and I run tons of apps and terms on it.  Getting the pager
back to the way I like took some tweaking (Four 2x2 pagers docked in the
wharf), but I've got it working ok now.  The new version is, as always, very
configurable, and definitely looks better, IMHO.  More configurable with the
looks and feels, too, amongst many other things.

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