Re: 1.6.6: Pager dogs window mgr down badly

Randall Hopper (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 11:55:13 -0500

Andre Oliveira da Costa:
 |Randall Hopper wrote:
 |> My problem stems from my misunderstanding of non-configurable.  I was under
 |> the impression that afterstep regenerated anything missing in this
 |> directory on startup/restart,
 |I think you can live well without the non-configurable directory, if the
 |system-wide defaults are ok for you 

Well, unfortunately it isn't, but thanks for the suggestion.  AfterStep's
default feel overrides Ctrl-v "globally", preventing the standard PgDn
(scroll-up) sequence from working in Emacs.

This is completely unacceptable for an Emacs user like myself.  IMO, this
should be in a Windows-CUA feel which is "not" the default.

I'd also like to add my own custom menus (which means a local
non-configurable), but have as yet not gotten afterstep to allow this and
still leave the Look, Feel, and Pictures menus in the Desktop menu.

 |the problem is that the config file ~/G/L/A/pager has these hardcoded

That does seem to be a problem.  Seems like for these paths in the
AfterStep config files, AfterStep ought to first try to pull from the
user's local area, and then from the global.

Randall Hopper