Re: ATerm backspace/delete quesion
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 10:58:52 -0600

>Have you tried stty erase ^H or stty erase ^?

That was a correct answer. The problem with backspace/delet is common for
UNIX terminal applications.  Here is the place that describes everything
you need to do :

Read it and follow instructions.
Also there is terminfo informations supplied in aterm distribution,
that can be used with any rxvt compatible terminal.
Use it according to instructions in URL above.


>On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Andy Harrison wrote:

>> I can't get the backspace/delete keys working properly.  Under normal
>> circumstances, it works fine.  However, I run a few quake servers and
when I
>> bring the quake server console back up (under screen), neither backspace
>> delete works properly, also attempted with shift, alt, and control keys.
>> doesn't matter whether I'm using screen or not.  The exact same symptoms
>> at the nslookup prompt.
>> I tried compiling with and without the --disable-backspace-key
>> --disable-delete-key options and it made little difference.  When it's
>> it simply presents me with a ^H instead of a different garbage character
>> sequence.
>> Works fine under other terms, BTW.
>> Any clues?
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