Re: 1.6.6: Pager dogs window mgr down badly

J.D. Jordan (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 12:06:14 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Randall Hopper wrote:
> Well, unfortunately it isn't, but thanks for the suggestion.  AfterStep's
> default feel overrides Ctrl-v "globally", preventing the standard PgDn
> (scroll-up) sequence from working in Emacs.

well, open up feel.DEFAULT or the feel file which is in
~/G/L/.../non-configureable (0_feel) or something like that. and remove
the part about ctrl-v being defined as something.

> This is completely unacceptable for an Emacs user like myself.  IMO, this
> should be in a Windows-CUA feel which is "not" the default.
> I'd also like to add my own custom menus (which means a local
> non-configurable), but have as yet not gotten afterstep to allow this and
> still leave the Look, Feel, and Pictures menus in the Desktop menu.

Well, considering if you don't have the non-configurable stuff its get put
there by AS when you start it initially, you can really get rid of it
If you want to have the feel's in your local startmenu you need to make a
Feels directory and then copy all the feels from /u/l/s/a into ~G/L/A the
same thing for Looks I am pretty sure.  (unless you play with the .include
stuff in the devel versions/patches that someone mentioned earlier).

>  |the problem is that the config file ~/G/L/A/pager has these hardcoded
>  |references:
> That does seem to be a problem.  Seems like for these paths in the
> AfterStep config files, AfterStep ought to first try to pull from the
> user's local area, and then from the global.

Maybe we should have some sort of $AFTERDIR variable/setting which would
means look in ~/G/L/A/ and if the file isn't found there look in /u/l/s/a/