Re: 1.6.6: Pager dogs window mgr down badly
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 11:28:18 -0600

>On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Randall Hopper wrote:
>> Well, unfortunately it isn't, but thanks for the suggestion.
>> default feel overrides Ctrl-v "globally", preventing the standard PgDn
>> (scroll-up) sequence from working in Emacs.

>well, open up feel.DEFAULT or the feel file which is in
>~/G/L/.../non-configureable (0_feel) or something like that. and remove
>the part about ctrl-v being defined as something.

DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO TOUCH  non-configurable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

non-configurable is NON CONFIGURABLE

ppl, please read FAQ and manual pages first, before doing any
reporting problems or making sugestions .

If you want to change your configuration - copy it first from
to ~/G/L/A/

Then, To change your feel ( that's where AS keyboard bindings are defined )
any feel you like in ~/G/L/A/feels, save it under feel.YOUR_FEEL_NAME.

Then, in AfterStep menu do :

menu/Desktop/Update startmenu

that will copy this feel file into non-configurable/feel.#bpp
and make it default for you !

Again, if you need to change your startmenu - edit, add, remove stuff
in ~/G/L/A/start

Then, in AfterStep menu do :

menu/Desktop/Update startmenu

uuuurrrrgggghhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> This is completely unacceptable for an Emacs user like myself.  IMO,
>> should be in a Windows-CUA feel which is "not" the default.
>> I'd also like to add my own custom menus (which means a local
>> non-configurable), but have as yet not gotten afterstep to allow this
>> still leave the Look, Feel, and Pictures menus in the Desktop menu.

>Well, considering if you don't have the non-configurable stuff its get put
>there by AS when you start it initially, you can really get rid of it
>If you want to have the feel's in your local startmenu you need to make a
>Feels directory and then copy all the feels from /u/l/s/a into ~G/L/A the
>same thing for Looks I am pretty sure.  (unless you play with the .include
>stuff in the devel versions/patches that someone mentioned earlier).

>>  |the problem is that the config file ~/G/L/A/pager has these hardcoded
>>  |references:
>> That does seem to be a problem.  Seems like for these paths in the
>> AfterStep config files, AfterStep ought to first try to pull from the
>> user's local area, and then from the global.

>Maybe we should have some sort of $AFTERDIR variable/setting which would
>means look in ~/G/L/A/ and if the file isn't found there look in /u/l/s/a/

it does that by default !