Missing HD Space? Bug?

Thu, 7 Jan 1999 11:54:21 -0600

>I'm not sure if I detected a bug in something or what.  It could be
>countless different AfterStep related things.  I've been noticing lately
>that I am missing a LOT of harddrive space and have nothing to account for
>it, so I did a 'du' and say that my ~/G/L/A was using 354megs!  I decided
>to investigate, and my search turned up this:

That sounds more like an accident.

This file gets written by Pager when it scales you rootpixmap down to it's
window size. That means that it decided that you have 134513992x134516344
window. That could be a bug, so I'll check on it, but that can also happen
becouse you run development series of AS ;)

>The size of this xpm?  338megs!  Needless to say my machine is much
>happier now that it's not at 97% capacity.  Anyone know what might have
>caused this file to be created?  I didn't bother to xv it before I deleted
>it because I wasn't about to kill my system by loading a 338meg xpm.



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