Re: Missing HD Space? Bug?

Tomas Duewiger (
07 Jan 1999 18:43:08 +0100

Doommaker <> writes:

> I'm not sure if I detected a bug in something or what.  It could be
> countless different AfterStep related things.  I've been noticing lately
> that I am missing a LOT of harddrive space and have nothing to account for
> it, so I did a 'du' and say that my ~/G/L/A was using 354megs!  I decided
> to investigate, and my search turned up this:
> ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/
> The size of this xpm?  338megs!  Needless to say my machine is much
> happier now that it's not at 97% capacity.  Anyone know what might have
> caused this file to be created?  I didn't bother to xv it before I deleted
> it because I wasn't about to kill my system by loading a 338meg xpm.

Don't know where it came from, but I also found a 12MB and a 35MB pixmap
some days ago on a BSD system. Here xv wasn't able to load the file,
'invalid file format' or something like that.


Tomas Duewiger