Re: MenuMiniPixmaps
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 14:54:44 -0600

>> >I want to disable the minipixmaps in the menus
>> >in the look files I have tried
>> >MenuMiniPixmaps 0
>> >and
>> >MenuMiniPixmaps 1
>> What file did you change ?
>> if in feels dir - did you do : menu/Desktop/Looks/look.YOURLOOKFILE ?
>> to make it effective  ?

>I forget if I changed a look file and loaded it or if I just changed it in
>0_look.8bpp and restarted AS, probably the later.  (people talking about

That's the point  - if you edit stuff in non-configurable - exit AfterStep
Or you are risking that AfterStep may revert you changes back.

Check that you still have it in there ( which I doubt ), and go the way I
Trust me  - you will want to change your look later. So create template

>looks and feels made me remember this)
>Yes I know, don't edit the non_configurable stuff... but I'm lazy, and
>changing one character was faster then copying a look, rebuilding the
>startmenu and selecting the look...