Re: ATerm backspace/delete quesion

Randall Hopper (
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 08:56:32 -0500

Geoff Wing:
 |Randall Hopper <> typed:
 |:Geoff Wing:
 |: |    XTerm*backspacekey:  "\008"
 |:You sure this isn't "\011" (octal)?
 |Quite right, that's octal so it's "\010" (not \008 or \011)

Oops. :-)  [slaps forehead]  Thanks for the correction.  Base 8, not base 7.

 |: |    XTerm*deletekey:     "\177"
 |:This seems backwards.  BS=0x08, DEL=0x7F.
 |Quite possibly.  Though I said backspacekey(BS)=0x08, deletekey(DEL)=0x7F
 |and you said the same thing, so I'm not sure what you're saying.

My comment was on the first part of snip from your message which I quoted:

 |configure.  To get all you rxvt/aterm terms to do the same thing, put:
 |    XTerm*backspacekey:  "\177"

Sorry I wasn't clear.

Randall Hopper