Re: Wharf DropExec

Doug Alcorn (
02 Jan 1999 15:23:20 -0500

Daniele Falvo <> writes:

> the std push action works just fine, while dragging files from
> KFileManager doesn't.

As of right now, the K Desktop Environment does not integrate with
other window managers for X (including AfterStep).  KDE has its own
drag-and-drop protocol.  AfterStep uses the OfficX dnd protocol.  So,
to get DragEvent to work, you have to have applications that support

I chatted on #kde for a while.  It appears that they will be
supporting the "stadard dnd protocol added to recent X servers (?)" in 
the future.  Also, they plan to add "AS integration."  I don't really
know what either of these things mean.  The only other information I
have on the subject is that mosfet00 is the nick of the developer that 
is doing the "AS integration".

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