Re: X11amp and database..
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 09:27:58 -0600

>I already HAVE read the afterstep man file...

Then you should understand that ViewportX and ViewportY does not define
geometry of application.
They only define position of the screen on the desk.

Which means that if you have ViewportX 90, ViewportY 90 for x11amp
that will cause screen to shift 90 pixels down and right from the upperleft
corner of the desk
and x11amp will pop up somewhere on this shifted screen in undefined
And in this case you will barely be able to see any changes - coz 90 pixels
is fairely small change.

If you want x11amp to show up in some particular position - you should
start it with geometry defined.
Like so :
X11amp -geometry+90+90

I'm not sure if X11amp supports that. If not then you are out of luck -
there are no other way to display
app in particular place on the screen.