Jonathan D. Nolen (nolen@www.students.rhodes.edu)
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 14:30:26 -0600 (EST)

>> However, anytime you press the option key, it results in an immediate
>> fatal crash -- completely dumps you out of X.
> Always, with all window managers, or just with AS?
> If the latter, try using feel.ICCCM, and see if that helps.

I just tried it KDE, and it crashed also. So obviously I've got something
wrong with MkLinux. However, it's a clean install off DR3 -- only two days
old, so I've not had time to change anything yet.

Actually, I switched kernels over to LinuxPPC R4 last night, but still 
have the same problem.

Any suggestions of where to look?

Jonathan Nolen

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