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Tony Nugent (
Sat, 09 Jan 1999 14:22:56 +1000

On Sat Jan 09 1999 at 03:54, Andre Muller wrote:

> If I am in run-level 5 (xdm), what file(s) must I change to run afterstep
> ie what files must I replace my existing fwm-95 stuff such as exec fwm-95
> in the .xinitrc so I can run afterstep,

Yes, that's the place.

[To digress slightly... ]

In fact, since I use ssh a LOT, I have:

exec ssh-agent /usr/X11R6/bin/afterstep

Starting afterstep from ssh-agent allows me to "ssh-add" once, then
I'm authenticated for any ssh connection I need to do from that
session (I'm a sys/network admin, so I really do use it a lot).
I have this in ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/autoexec to make the
ssh-add process very easy when afterstep starts up:

	Exec	"I"	ssh-add &

(It causes "ssh-askpass" to be run to ask you for your pass phrase).

> must I reboot my computer afterwards as well ?

Oh no no no no no no no... this is NOT the land of microslop  :)

Linux is a _real_ operating system.  About the ONLY time linux needs
to be rebooted is when you want to run a new kernel!  :)

> (I am using Red Hat 5.0)

On RH5.1 and 5.2 (and most probably 5.0 as well), if you don't have a
~/.xinitrc file, then just put "AfterStep" in a file called
~/.wm_style (check what is in the shell script /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients
just to make sure).

Oh, hang on... runlevel 5?  Then the magic file isn't ~/.xinitrc but
~/.xsession for the way redhat has xdm set up... either put the exec
into ~/.xsession, or make ~/.xsession a symbolic link to ~/.xinitrc.

I _think_ this is covered (sort of, anyway) in the latest AS-FAQ.

There is a RedHat X11 "hints" faq that explains how X is set up and
how to configure/customise it - it should have come with your RH cdrom
install disk.  If not, then go looking for it at

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