Re: aterm and menu vote( Reasoning )

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 08 Jan 1999 22:24:05 -0600

Bruce Richardson wrote:
> Keep it as a runtime configuration option.  What reasons were the ICQ bunch giving for trashing it?
Reasons were :
 I'd like to keep aterm as small and clean as possible, as the
result I'd like to drop
features that are never used. 
I know that this is the compile time option, but this are
reasons to drop it at all:

1. There more code is in there - the harder it is to add new
features and ensure
bug free operation.
2. Even thou it is compile time option - some code for this
feature make it in to 
executable even if you turn it off.

I don't want to go the "the more - the better" way, and I don't
want to keep fetures
that are never used.
The menubar feature IMHO is redundand, and I personally cant
think of any way of
using this.
So please tell me if anybody is using this feature, or planning
on using it tomorrow


Sasha Vasko
aterm maintainer

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