Transparent Aterm misbehavin'.

P. J. Bolle (
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 14:24:11 -0700 (MST)

	I've been having troubles with transparent terms behaving
themselves... I'll relate as much as I can, as while I have no answer,
I suspect these similarities may be connected.

	A while ago, in my search for a transparent term, I grabbed
Eterm 0.8.7. Worked fine, save any restart of AS caused all Eterms to
vanish completely. Needless to say, anything I was working on and
didn't close up was lost. I heard tell of a new-ish rxvt that
supposedly had transparency (wterm?), but all it seemed to do was
change from a transparent background to solid red or black whenever I
switched to either another desktop or pager and back again; I didn't
even get to the restart test.

	A day ago (yes, I'm behind), I noticed the threads on aterm,
and how it not only does transparency, but does it fast. I compiled it
yesterday evening, and was pleasantly surprised to see that upon
restart, it seemed to stick around. However, it gives a similar
headache to that of wterm(?). When AS settles after a restart, the
once transparent background of aterm becomes a mottled (red background
behind all text, non-text areas blank) visual mess; the color scheme
bordering on illegible.

	To cut to the chase, is there a fix for this? It appears any
term supporting transparency causes me grief; could it be a common

	I'm still on AS 1.6.0 ('tho this ain't the only version of AS 
that's had the problem present; and 1.5b4 also did this
with Eterm), and I grabbed aterm 0.2.0.

	Any suggestions (or enlightening boots to the head <grin>)
would be most welcomed; any pertinent info I may have missed, I'll
expound on when prompted.


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