killall and afterstep

Kevin Maguire (
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 17:01:57 +0000 (GMT)


I installed afterstep on my Linux box (home machine) and am quite
happy with it, still experimenting though!  (I'm coming from ctwm
which I like and know how to configure to my taste!).  I then managed
to compile aftersatep on Alpha/Digital Unix (work machine) with the
GNU compilers/tools.

However the root Animations caused a problem.  First I couldn't find
xlock on the Digital system, I installed xlockmore.  Then I find that
killall, in /sbin on Digital Unix, has a completely different syntax
than on Linux.  I tried compiling killall from sources, but the /proc
filesystems on Linux/Digital Unix are probably quite different and it
just doesn't work.

So now I have to manually kill the first xlock process before I try
another animation for the 1-2-3 menus.  Is there a "portable" killall,
I'm sure some sort of perl/awk/shell script involving ps could be
hacked togther reasonably easily.

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