Wharf Question

Jeff Kay (jkay@irus.rri.on.ca)
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 15:17:48 -0500 (EST)

Hey I just installed aterm ( and afterstep 1.6.6-3 yesterday ).... looks
great ( well I like the scrollbars from eterm better but hey...otherwise
wonderful )

Anyways..I'm trying to add a launch button from Wharf for aterm exactly as
I want it to appear. I read the man page but it didn't help.

here's my Wharf entry:

 *Wharf aterm 98.xpm Exec "-" aterm -tr -fg #339988 -sr -g 79x22 -fn times

however aterm is not lauching properly.... it is oonly reading the first
command switch if any at all and thus launching aterm as default... nt the
way I want it....

is there something I'm missing... why are the rest of the command switches
failin to be parsed?

Any ideas?

thanks in advance

Jeff Kay
Imaging Labs 
John P. Robarts Research Institute 
London, Canada
email: jkay@irus.rri.uwo.ca

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