Re: Mice w/extra buttons...

Brad (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 00:46:30 -0500

P. J. Bolle wrote:

>         I might have missed something along the way, here, but I was
> trying to enable the fourth button on my Logitech TrackMan Marble FX
> in X, and was wondering how (if at all) to allow AS to utilize mouse
> buttons >3.
>         X has registered the extra button, but how does one tell AS to
> use it? Is it possible at this time? (I tried messing about with the
> appropriate feel file, in the bindings, but nothing seems to have come
> of it.)
>         AS 1.6.6 is running on the box at this time...

I use the same trackball... wonderfully piece of machinery... to utilize
the 4th button, just specify "4" in your feel file, like the following
from my .steprc:

Mouse 1         2       A       Maximize 94 100
Mouse 2         2       A       Maximize 100 100
Mouse 3         2       A       Maximize 94 93
Mouse 4         2       A       Maximize 45 45

As long as X is recognizing the extra button, the above will work...