Re: Mice w/extra buttons...

Brad (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 02:12:40 -0500

P. J. Bolle wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Brad wrote:
> > Nope... what mouse driver are you using for X?  I have the following in my
> > XF86Config:
> >
> > Section "Pointer"
> >    Protocol        "Intellimouse"
> >    Device          "/dev/mouse"
> >    BaudRate        1200
> >    buttons         4
> > EndSection
> >
>         Mine is the same, save the fact that it has "Microsoft" under
> the Protocol heading. I've kept it that way because I used to have an
> MS mouse (thankfully discarded), and this setting worked well with my
> other Logitech mice (incl. the original TrackMan Marble).
>         I altered it to say what yours does, and now it seems the 4th
> button is responding.
>         However, the buttons seem to be a bit muddled. Buttons 2 and 4
> have reversed roles... This isn't a big deal, really, but did that
> happen to you?

Yes, they get a bit muddled... put the following in yer autoexec... that makes
the left button alone, makes the top button the right button, the red button
becomes the middle button, and the bottom all the way on the right is now the
fourth button... I find it's a pain to click and drag with that button over on
the right... you can change the numbering around to your liking...

    Exec    "I"     exec xmodmap -e 'pointer = 1 2 4 3' &

Good luck...