Can't run afterstep 1.6.[06]

Mark Stacey (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 15:52:33 -0000

I've tried to run both afterstep 1.6.0 and afterstep 1.6.6 and i get the
same problem.

After making and installing it, I set my .xinitrc to load afterstep and when
I run startx all seems to be going well until x loads up, I get the gray
background and the X mouse pointer, and then afterstep seg faults and drops
out to
the command shell.

I get a core dump file which I can send on if necessary. There are no errors
in .xsession or the like.

I had a previous version of afterstep, 1.4.55N I think it was and never had
any trouble, I've removed the .steprc and the G/L/Afterstep directories in
case they are causing trouble. I'm running Redhat 4.2 with kernel 2.1.128. 
My X server is 3.3.2.

Anyone any clues as to what's going on or where can i find out more

Mark Stacey
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   ICL Information Technology Centre
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