Is there another mailing list ?

Thadeu Penna (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:20:04 +0000 (/etc/localtime)

In the FAQ, is explicitely stated that this is the only
AfterStep-related  mailing list. In the mailing list archive 
at AfterStep@Tiger.Net there is a developers list with fresh
information about the patches (up to Dec 31, though). Now, some

Is this mailing list public as well ? 

I just installed AS-1.7.25 and I found only a couple of new options.
I would like to have fresh and deeper information about this new

How is the GNOME stuff going ?

The titlebar is not of some applications is not refreshing imediately.
As an example, I set my bash prompt to show the current directory in the
titlebar. I got aterm and the prompt displayed at the same time. I have
to either to move the window or change the desk and go back to refresh

By the way, Andrew, I had to go to 
instead of as indicated in your signature

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