Re: AfterStep 1.6.6 is great, but...

Tomas Duewiger (
13 Jan 1999 19:01:56 +0100

"Armando L. Caro Jr." <> writes:

> 1.  How do I get only ONE pager?  I had this setup with the older version
> (1.4), but I keep getting 4 pagers now.  If I call 'pager 0 0', it gives
> only one pager but it is in a window big enough for 4 pagers.

Should work with 'Pager 0 0'
If this is just a typo (I think so), are you using the pager config file
that came with 1.6.6? If not, do that first, if you already did that, I
don't know ;) 

> 2.  How do I specify the location if I don't swallow the pager in the
> wharf?  I tried playing with the position in file 'pager', but I get
> unpredictable results.  It does move the position, but not in a
> predictable manner.

*PagerGeometry       +X-Y
in the pager file should do, I had +0-1 and it was bottom-left corner (it
still is whenever wharf forget to swallow it) But I must say that I don't
know if it would work when it isn't a corner.


Tomas Duewiger