Re: FreeBSD/afterstep questions

Michal Vitecek (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 01:14:08 +0100

   you're obviously missing the library. get it from any freebsd ftp site
 from packages-stable/All/jpeg-6b.tgz and install it using pkg_add.
   other possibility is to get the AS source and compile it without the
 jpeg library (u won't have the possibility to use jpegs as pixmaps etc.)

alissa bader wrote:
>howdy, I've downloaded the most recent version of afterstep for freebsd at
>the ftp site.  I previously had version 1.0 installed on my machine.
>I installed afterstep as per the instructions on the afterstep web page.
>Now when I try to run x, I get the following:
> failed
>can't find shared library ""
>running freebsd 2.2.7


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