Re: Is there another mailing list ?

Albert Dorofeev
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 10:10:10 +0100 (CET)

Thadeu Penna writes:
> In the FAQ, is explicitely stated that this is the only
> AfterStep-related  mailing list. In the mailing list archive 
> at AfterStep@Tiger.Net there is a developers list with fresh
> information about the patches (up to Dec 31, though). Now, some
> questions:
> Is this mailing list public as well ? 

The "developers' mailing list" does not exist as such.
The archives you see are the archives of mails sent between
the developers. Dave archives those and I put them up
as a devel list archive. So you can send a mail to any
(or all) the developers privately and achieve the result
of being on the developers' list :)

The mailing lists are updated once a month. The archive
for January will be available in the beginning of February.
I will try to figure out a better way when I have time
for it, ok?

Oh, yeah, and it is NOT, it is (maybe
a little more difficult to pronounce but that's the name).

Have fun,

Albert Dorofeev
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