Re: Solaris troubles

Chris Ridd (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 12:29:17 +0000

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999 11:41:02 GMT, Ron Smith wrote:
> 	Ah, no I did not tell it to configure with shared libs. Upon reading
> the Makefile, I see ./configure -s to enable shared libs. I did a make
> clean, ./configure -s, make and make install, and there is a
> file. Now I have gotten a bit farther and have another error.
> afterstep: fatal: open failed: no such file or
> directory
> 	There is no such file in /usr/local/lib. Where to from here?

If you type 'ldd afterstep' it will print out all the shared libraries 
that are used by afterstep.

However libucb SHOULD NOT be used by afterstep! It breaks some 
functions in libc and is NOT RECOMMENDED for Solaris applications. It 
is evil. It is dirty.

It didn't used to be required by afterstep, so if it is required in 
1.6.whatever then that is an afterstep bug.