Installing rpm afterstep 1.6.6

Stimpy (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 15:57:07 -0600


I got this to install using rpm fine after installing
library.  During install got msg saying cant delete afterstep/etc etc
directory not empty.  Anyway I thought this was a problem with the rpm.
The install did create an afterstep_old dir and left afterstep directory
intact.  I decided to delete afterstep directory in usr/share and then
uninstall afterstep and then try to reinstall it, which seemed to have
worked, no error msg at least.  It seems though the reinstall didnt
recreate the afterstep directory.
    After doing this and quiting out of afterstep, which didnt work by
the way had to use ctrl alt bkspace, And restarting it using startx, I
now am stuck with a black and white fabric pattern screen with an x for
a mouse pointer, is this twm?

Anyone know whats going on?  Man page didnt help much.