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Andrew Sullivan (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 18:09:51 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, jack wallen wrote:

> i'm a newbie at linux.  i use Red Hat 5.2 for which i dl'd and installed
> afterstep 1.6.6.  my machine is a intel 200mmx with 48 mbs of ram and,
> while running afterstep, i find that after a while my machine starts to
> slow down.  is there a way to resolve this problem?
> if i've left out any important info just tell me what you need and i'll
> gladly send it! 


You need to establish that it's AfterStep that is the problem.  It could
be something you're enabling when running AfterStep, so you need to be

Luckily, there's a program for this.  The user-friendly, easy way to get
this is to run top several times (or, what is the same, over time).  Start
up X, and let AS settle down from starting.  Then, in a *term, type "top".
You'll get a list of the stuff which is taking up most of your resources.

If you look at this on several occasions in the same session (where a
session is defined as "the cumulative time during which a particular
process is running"), you may notice a process (program) taking up moare &
more reesources.  If that shows up, you have a _bona fide_ problem.

This is, from a technical point of view, the clunkiest possible way to do
it.  But it makes you see what is happening, which I think is valuable.
There is another way to discover all of this through the ps command.  I
urge you to learn _lots_ about the ps command, and to actually use it to
find the problem.  But that approach is trickier, requires more knowledge,
and doesn't force you to look at where the problems are.  (The teacher in
me is really rising to the surface today.  Sorry.)


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