multiple wmmon applets in wharf

Jeff Jadwin (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 18:56:21 +0000

For some reason the Wharf does not want to swallow more than one wmmon.
I'm using Afterstep 1.6.6, and I want one wmmon to monitor cpu usage,
and another to monitor memory & swap usage.  I know it can be done
because I've seen it in screenshots.  What happens to me is that one is
swallowed, and the other just starts on the desktop without being
swallowed.  Here's the relevent lines from my ~/G/L/A/wharf file:

    *Wharf wmmon - MaxSwallow "wmmon" wmmon &
    *Wharf wmmon - MaxSwallow "wmmon" wmmon -s &

If I just have one or the other in there, it gets correctly swallowed.
If I have them both in there, one gets swallowed and the other one just
starts on the desktop without being swallowed.  Any ideas?

....While I'm at it, I have one other question.  On some screenshots
I've seen, it looks like people are using tail or something similar to
echo log files to the root window.  I'm sure I could do this with aterm
by just making it transparent and specifying NoHandles, NoTitle,
WinListSkip and all that good stuff in ~/G/L/A/database, but is there a
better way?  If I use this approach ALL my aterms will have no handles,
no title, etc.