Re: multiple wmmon applets in wharf

Thadeu Penna (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 14:08:04 +0000 (/etc/localtime)

On 18 Jan, Jeff Jadwin wrote:
> ....While I'm at it, I have one other question.  On some screenshots
> I've seen, it looks like people are using tail or something similar to
> echo log files to the root window.  I'm sure I could do this with aterm
> by just making it transparent and specifying NoHandles, NoTitle,
> WinListSkip and all that good stuff in ~/G/L/A/database, but is there a
> better way?  If I use this approach ALL my aterms will have no handles,
> no title, etc.

I use aterm -name roottail -e tail -f /var/log/messages 

Style   "roottail"     NoTitle, Sticky, StaysOnBack, WindowListSkip, NoHandles, NoFocus

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