lowrent.org is officially dead; FAQ home

Andrew Sullivan (asullivan@sprint.ca)
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 14:29:55 -0500 (EST)

Hi all,

As Albert Dorofeev thoughtfully noted to point out to me, the lowrent.org
domain is now available from InterNIC, which means (I guess) that
lowrent.org is officially dead.  All references to the lowrent pages will
be removed from future FAQ versions.

Because some of the mirrors have not been updated regularly, the FAQ will
in future be available _only_ from the following sites:


	(This one I always update myself, so as soon as a new FAQ is out,
it goes there.  Thanks to David Vondrasek for the server space!)


	(These latter two are both maintained by David Mihm, who keeps on
top of _everything_ these days, it seems.  All praise David Mihm for his
hard work!)

The FAQ also goes to the LDP, in its source form.  It does not seem always
to get posted very quickly, however, so you're probably better off to use
the pages listed above.

I'm hopeful that this will mean a little less confusion in finding
documentation for AS.  Thanks to all who submit suggestions and
criticisms.  (Don't be afraid of being critical: remember, you'll never be
able to be nastier than my supervisor anyway!)


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