Re: contol/shift arrow keys

Andrew Sullivan (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 18:07:01 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Huaiyu Zhu wrote:

> I'm quite new to AS.  I'd like AS not to intercept C-left, etc, because I
> have configured emacs to use these keys.  What should I change?
> Also, what's the easiest way to find out?  I've used rgrep on the GNUstep
> directory with some obvious regexp but don't seems to get likely matches.

This is a regular problem.  The keybindings are in the feel.  If you want
to avoid all keybindings within the window manager (rather worth it,
actually, if you;re using Emacs: almost everything is bound in that!),
then you should use (or edit according to your preferences) feel.ICCCM.
Alternatively, you can change the keybindings in the feel you use.

Much more info about this is in the FAQ, under the "customizing" section.


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